Month: October 2019


A credit of 5,000 USD without payroll, is it possible?

  Obtaining a loan of 5000 USD is possible, simply credit institutions require certain guarantees such as pay slips to ensure the solvency of the borrower, documents not necessarily necessary at the simulation stage. Personal loan of 5000 USD Obtaining a consumer credit often requires a simple channel, the loan application, the sending of documents […]


Credit purchase that accepts easily: how to find it?

Looking for a bank that accepts credit redemptions more easily? Our advice to quickly obtain the agreement of a banking institution. The credit redemption makes it possible to group the monthly payments of several loans into a single credit. This operation offers many advantages including a significant reduction in the amount of each monthly payment, […]


What salary to borrow 500 000 USD for a real estate purchase?

You want to buy a property worth 500 000 USD? Find out what is the salary needed to get a loan in the best conditions. Whether to buy a house, an apartment or a property under construction, it is essential to know the amount of minimum wage to have to borrow the sum of 500,000 […]