Month: September 2019


What time frame to set up a credit buy-back and unlock the funds?

Many borrowers use credit redemption to reduce their monthly payments and better manage their budget. The time to set up this operation depends on several factors. The time frame for setting up a credit buy-back and unlocking the funds is spread over several weeks. Why such a long time? Because the constitution of the file, […]


Loan purchase without mortgage guarantee: explanations

In the context of a repurchase of credit, the mortgage guarantee is not systematic. It is even possible to avoid this guarantee. Credit redemption allows for the consolidation of several loans into one in order to benefit from a single, reduced monthly payment, better adapted to its budget, in return for an extension of the […]


Can you keep your mortgage after a sale?

Do you want to sell the property for which you have taken out a loan? What happens to the mortgage loan insurance contract after the sale? There are several reasons why you might want to sell the property for which a loan is in progress. In practice, in the case of a sale, the credit […]